In this talk I present three recent projects that address different aspects of the visualization pipeline. All three projects are examples that show how slightly different approaches to vision and graphics can result in very different ways to look at data and images.
The first project, Gaze-Contingent Depth of Field perception addresses alternative ways of representing 3D information in flat displays. The second project is Transmogrification, a technique that allows us to change the presentation of any graphic, and turn any 2D representation into an arbitrary set of other 2D representations with a very flexible touch interface. Finally, FatFonts are a novel hybrid way to represent numbers, by using a special type of digit that turns numeric tables into visualisations.


Miguel NacentaMiguel Nacenta is a co-founder of the St Andrews Human-Computer Interaction group (SACHI) and a lecturer in human-computer interaction at the School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews. His main expertise is in input and output techniques for displaying and accessing information. His research encompasses the use of multi-touch and multi-display interfaces, the perceptual aspects of display information perception, and information visualization.