Our Group Interaction Analysis Toolkit GIAnT supports investigation of interactions at a large display wall through a rich set of visualizations.

Full video of GIAnT.

Large interactive displays are increasingly important and a relevant research topic, and several studies have focused on wall interaction. However, in many cases, thorough user studies currently require time-consuming video analysis and coding. GIAnT provides visualizations that support investigation of multi-user interaction at large display walls. GIAnT focuses on visualizing time periods, making it possible to gain overview-level insights quickly, and allows users to quickly drill down when interesting time periods have been identified. The toolkit is designed to be extensible and features several carefully crafted visualizations: A novel timeline visualization shows movement in front of the wall over time, a wall visualization shows interactions on the wall and gaze data, and a floor visualization displays user positions. In addition, GIAnT shows the captured video stream along with basic statistics. We validate our tool by analyzing how it supports investigating major research topics and by practical use in evaluating a cooperative game.

GIAnT is freely available under an open source license. To install, clone our github repository and follow the install instructions in the readme file.