Time: Thursday, 4. DS (13:00 to 14:30 o'clock)
Location: APB/E009
Quantity: 4P


  • Hinweis: Enrolment for this course starts at 25th March in Opal.


The list of topics for this semester is as follows:

Nr. Topic
01 Tracking of Activities and Users in Multi-Display Environments
02 Development of a 3D-Pattern Creator Tool
03 Brushing and Linking for InfoVis Combining Large Displays and AR
04 Network Visualization for Ontologies Across Multiple Displays
05 Graph Comparison on Mobile Devices
06 Design and Implementation of Adaptive Feedforward Visualizations with dynamic Data
07 Design Concepts for spatially based Notification in Augmented Reality
08 Graph-Visualizations in Documents

Detailed information to the available topics and the dates can be found on the OPAL-page. Due to CORVID19 there will be no group introduction this semester. Each team will habe an individual introduction with their corresponding supervisors.