Location: hybrid
Quantity: 0V/0Ü/4P SWS
Language: Deutsch / English
Update: The intermediate presentations will take place in-presence in APB 2042/2044 on December 13, 13:30.
Exam enrollment: Please remember to enroll for the exam as soon as possible in accordance with your exam regulations and your module description.


This lab project (Komplexpraktikum) is dedicated to the conception and implementation of novel user interfaces within the research activities of the Chair of Multimedia Technology.

For all topics we require good programming skills and an independent, scientific way of working. The lab project is group work suitable for smaller groups of students (2-4 persons, depending on the topic) and has to be completed by the end of the lecture period. Some of the topics may also be extended to bachelor/master thesis topics after successful completion.

All material and further information for this course and the related Lab Project User Interface Engineering will be available at the OPAL course page.


We will provide the opportunity to explore possible topics via OPAL before the enrollment starts.
On Tuesday, October 4, at 10:00, there will be a Q&A session where you can ask questions about the topics: BBB Online meeting. Please contact Wolfgang Büschel if you would like to attend and let us know which topics interest you.


We will use OPAL as our main course platform for enrollment, topic assignments, general announcements and the presentation as well as updates of our overall course schedule.

  • Enroll for the combined course KP UIE/IMT using OPAL.
  • Find an interesting and available topic in OPAL and enroll specifically for this topic.
  • Enrollment starts on 04.10., 18.00 and ends on 09.10., 23.59.

*Please note that the number of possible participants is limited.

Tentative Schedule


Date Location Description
30.09. OPAL List of topics is online in OPAL.
Link: OPAL course
BBB Online meeting New: Live Q&A for the topics, attendance optional
Please contact Wolfgang Büschel if you would like to participate.
04.10. – 09.10. OPAL Enrollment for the course in OPAL
Find and enroll into an available topic in OPAL that suits your interest.
10.10. – 14.10. Individual meetings First meeting of every team with their supervisors.
until 23:59
Submission of project description.
In presence, APB 2042/2044 Interim presentations
In presence, APB 2042/2044 Final project presentations
until 23:59
Submission of final project documentation.

(The schedule is tentative and subject to change)