Big and cluttered graphs can be easily explored by using magic lenses. Different kinds of lenses can be utilized in this regard to solve a variation of problems. For an optimal exploration of the graph, the combination of the different kinds of lenses is desirable. This work therefore engages the problems and difficulties that arise in this area, like the order of the combination or if the result of the combination meets the expectations of the users. This work further defines a set of requirements for the combination of lenses and proposes a concept that meets these requirements and is able to solve the mentioned problems. In addition to that concept for the interaction with magic lenses in the context of their combination and multi-touch surfaces is presented, that can be used to create, merge and split lenses. This work is based on an existing project for the exploration of the graph with the help of magic lenses and contains an evaluation of the changes that have been made in relation to the original project. It also contains an evaluation of the interaction concept based on a user study, that has been conducted.