The analysis of large graphs by interdisciplinary groups is necessary in many domains. An interactive displaywall is particularly suitable for the representation of large datasets and provides sufficient space for motion and interaction. Personal views on the data in the form of lenses will be provided in order to enable different users to simultaneously explore and manipulate data. In front of the wall different interaction modalities are available, while it is not clear yet which interaction is suitable for the particular functionality. Therefore, this bachelor thesis deals with opportunities to manipulate properties of lenses, like the shape, to enable the user to customize his/her personal view of the data. For this purpose, initially related subjects are analyzed and described. After that two concepts of lens manipulation will be presented. The first one, called PreviewLens, provides different previews that show the lens after changing specific properties. In the second concept of MotionScrolling motion tracking gestures enable the user to scroll through a list of possible values for a property and to apply them to the lens. This bachelor thesis is based on an existing project for graph exploration with lenses at displaywalls. Selected parts of the concepts will be implemented into a prototype allowing more accurate judgement. The result shows, that there are many advantages for detailed and foresighted working in the concept of the PreviewLens, whereas MotionScrolling can be a fast and unobtrusive tool for experienced users.