Graph visualization for data is used in various domains. It facilitates the extraction of knowledges about the relationships. Many datasets have a dynamic nature and change over time. Dynamic graphs ecode the temporal changes of objects and their relations. The advantage of the high-resolution displaywall is providing a good overview of the structural relations caused by an enlarged representation space. The use of nowadays widespread mobile devices provides a local user-specific view for the exploration of the graphs including their dynamic component.

While many studies focuse on the analysis of static data structures, the issue of exploration and visualization of dynamic graphs is adressed by only a few works. This thesis investigates the basic tasks for dynamic graphs and state of research into the interaction space of combined applications of displaywall and mobile device. On this basis the interaction concepts for the exploration of dynamic graphs and the visualization of the changes are developed. The interaction space provides the spatial degrees of freedom for the design of interactions. The resulting set of concepts is the basis for the prototypical implementation in the existing project for the exploration of graphs using the mobile devices.