This year’s OUTPUT hosted several student projects and theses from our Interactive Media Lab, as well as a dissertation award.

During the award ceremony, Dr.-Ing. Marc Satkowski received the Cloud&Heat Dissertationpreis for his excellent dissertation, titled “Understanding Immersive Environments for Visual Data Analysis”. His PhD revolves around the study of human factors for Immersive Analytics in Augmented Reality systems.

During the demos, Mark Abdelaziz presented his master thesis titled “Design and Development of Visual Structures of Data-Driven Storytelling in Immersive Environments”, with a prototype that converts a 2D data journalism article about historic basketball players into an immersive experience in the virtual court. On the exhibition rooms, Teodora Ivoniciu presented her master thesis titled “Haptic Feedback for motion trajectories to facilitate skill transfer during collaboration in Mixed Reality”, where users could create and trace trajectories in 3D space while receiving feedback in the form of vibrations to indicate whether the performance was successful. Similarly, Julian Baader presented our Bakteriopolis project, related to his student project titled “Exploring an Augmented Physical 3D Model with Handheld AR”. This demonstration creates an Augmented Reality overlay on a physical model of bacteria for educational purposes.

We were delighted to see the wonderful projects our faculty had in display! For further information about the event, please visit, or find more information about our lab’s projects in the links below.

Marc's Dissertation

  • Understanding Immersive Environments for Visual Data Analysis (Marc Satkowski)

    Understanding Immersive Environments for Visual Data Analysis (Marc Satkowski)

    Satkowski, M.

    Qucosa - Technische Universität Dresden,2024.

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