Time: Wednesday, 4th period (13.00 - 14.30)
Location: APB/E023
Quantity: 2L/2E/0P semester hours
Language: English

This course is jointly provided with the CGV group:


  • [Feb 03] A catalog of questions for your exam preparation is now available (updated Feb 10).
  • [Jan 13] Important The written exam is on Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020 at 14:50 in room HSZ/AUDI
  • Registration: You will be able to register for the course through OPAL (starting Oct 01, 2019).


This lecture covers the basics and practices of scientific visualization of measurement and experimental data as well as simulation results. It teaches the basics of visual perception and their influence on the design of visualizations. Students will learn to confidently specify data by dimension, feature types, and structure and select appropriate visual attributes for a given specification. They learn the most important visualization forms for 2-, 3- and multidimensional observation spaces as well as for scalar, vectorial, tensor-valued and multidimensional features. They will be able to select suitable techniques for the respective visualization task.

The course work will familiarize students with basic presentation and interaction techniques and teaches them to thoroughly implement them in an interactive visual analysis system. It introduces important visualization frameworks and allows students to gather practical experience with them.



(topics and schedule are tentative and subject to change!)
Week Date Location Lecture Slot (13:00) Course Work Slot (14:50)
42 16.10. APB/E023 L: Motivation & Introduction CW: General Introduction & Intro Assignment 1
43 23.10. APB/E023 L: Perception L: Visual VariablesImportant: Lecture takes place in Georg-Schumann-Bau in room 251 (Campus Navigator)
44 30.10. APB/E023 L: Multivariate Data Visualization I (Updated Nov 13) CW: Presentation Assignment 1, Intro Assignment 2
45 06.11. no lecture / course work
46 13.11. APB/E023 L: Multivariate Data Visualization II CW: Presentation Assignment 2, Intro Assignment 3
47 20.11. no lecture / course work (Day of Repentance)
48 27.11. APB/E023 L: Visualizing Relations CW: Optional consultations (appointment via email)
49 04.12. APB/E023 L: Presentation and Interaction L: Time Visualization
50 11.12. APB/E023 L: Introduction to Scientific Visualization CW: Presentation Assignment 3, Intro Assignment 4
51 18.12. APB/E023 L: Data Preparation CW: Optional consultations (appointment via email)
52 25.12. no lecture / course work (Christmas break)
1 01.01. no lecture / course work (Christmas break)
2 08.01. APB/E023 L: Volume Visualization I CW: Optional consultations (appointment via email)
3 15.01. APB/E023 L: Volume Visualization II CW: Presentation Assignment 4, Intro Assignment 5
4 22.01. APB/E023 L: Flow Visualization CW: Optional consultations (appointment via email)
5 29.01. APB/E023 L: Summary & Outlook CW: Optional consultations (appointment via email)
6 05.02. APB/E023 Open Consultation with Prof. Gumhold and Prof. Dachselt CW: Presentation Assignment 5