On February 1, 2016 the BMBF funded joint project fastvpn – Network Infrastructure for Industry 4.0 has started. The project address security in networked industry 4.0. The Interactive Media Lab Dresden investigates novel user interfaces to allow the fast on-site visualization and configuration of security level, network status, or bandwidth.

fastvpn is a joint work with Dresden companies Teleconnect GmbH and Kernkonzept GmbH as well as the chair of privacy and security. Furthermore, we are supported by our associated partner Vattenfall Europe Netcom GmbHfastvpn is part of the fast cluster project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the development programm “Zwanzig20 – Partnerschaft für Innovation” (Twenty20 – Partnership for Innovation).

We are happy to announce that Konstantin Klamka and Tom Horak are joining our team at the Interactive Media Lab Dresden as new research assistants for this project. Both have studied media computer science at TU Dresden and have already successfully participated on publications during their studies. Furthermore, Wolfgang Büschel is part of the fastvpn team and will work together with our new colleges on the project.

For more information see the fastvpn project page.