Konstantin Klamka
  • Office: APB/2051
  • Phone: (+49) 351 / 463 38229
  • Fax: (+49) 351 / 463 32827
  • Email:
  • Website: Personal Website: https://konstantinklamka.com

I am a postdoctoral researcher and passionate maker working in the field of modern human-computer interaction at the Interactive Media Lab Dresden. My research is situated in the fields of multi-modal, body-worn and ubiquitous interaction approaches using and investigating emerging technologies.

My PhD thesis focused on Blending the Material and Digital World for Hybrid Interfaces and investigated how user interfaces can provide useful digital functionality while maintaining their material properties and familiar patterns of use in the real world.

In the past I was working for the BMBF project fastVPN in which I investigated novel and innovative interfaces for the visualization and configuration of networks.